The Megacell Charger project started in 2019 when they begin working on a new video tutorial on building a Powerwall that required over one thousand lithium cells recovered from laptop batteries. The cell recovery process requires measuring the capacity of the lithium cells by fully charging and discharging them while precisely measuring the amount of electricity stored, temperature, and internal resistance. After the measuring process, the cells must be recharged to nominal voltage to dispose of or use during pack creation safely. Cell measurement is a very tedious process when using conventional devices with no digital output, no ability to connect to a database, and no ability to print the test results on a label for each cell. To speed up the testing process, Alex & Co have built a 16 cells device, that’s four times more cells than conventional testers, and they also added wireless connectivity. A single computer can control 254 machines. That’s a total of 4,064 cells at a time. The PC software allows monitoring all the cells in real-time, including charging and discharging graphs, temperature, and internal resistance of each cell. All the test info can be printed on a thermal label applied to each cell for fast tagging and further automation for cell placement inside packs or voltage remeasurement after a while to detect self-discharging…

Megacell Charger Features

  • 16 Independent Slots
  • OLED Display
  • Wireless Connection to a computer network
  • Management software with SQLite or Microsoft SQL Database for up to 254 devices per PC
  • Dual operation mode, Simple and Advanced
  • Ability to create multiple projects and cell type selection to automatically detect bad cells
  • Bad Cell Detection algorithm that compares test data with known standards
  • Charging Timeout setting
  • Emergency stop per cell if temperature goes higher than set threshold (5 to 50 deg Celsius)
  • Label Printing feature, compatible with Dymo 450 and Brother Thermal Label Printers
  • QR Code per cell to use with further automation in the pipeline to query the database
  • Battery Bank Calculation Ability using the cells indexed in the database
  • Device calibration posibility by setting correction factor
  • Compatible with Lithium-Ion 4.2V batteries
  • Cell Type: 18650, also adaptable with external wires to other form factor
  • Up to 1 A per cell charging, controlled by dedicated IC
  • Variable discharge rate, 100 to 1000 mA
  • Internal resistance measurement
  • Green LED for charge and Orange LED for discharge for fast visibility over the process
  • High Quality screw terminals
  • Independent actions per cell (Charge, Discharge, Capacity Measurement, Low Voltage Recover process)
  • Ability to set cycle count per cell
  • Special process to recover highly discharged cells from 1 volt
  • Automated workflow that will Charge, Discharge and re-charge to specified voltage
  • Customizable workflow with automation steps
  • Reverse polarity protection and short circuit prevention for cells.
  • Made from fire resistant, flame retardant PC material
  • Certified by CE and FCC

Megacell Charger Specs

Step - 1 Unpacking

Step 2 - Installing Software

Step 3 - Becoming an Expert

Step 4 - Volt Drop Testing

Step 5 - Personalise your labels

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