24v 11Ah/264Wh GW Ebike Batteries complete and with rear mounting stands

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GW Rear Mount Lithium Battery for 200W 500W  Electric E- bike R.R.P. AU$423.00each

All with the control and power wires cut, but easily re connectable. This generally means that the units are in good working order and safety demands that they be made inoperable.

We stripped and inspected then charged one unit, before the BMS, “See images” to 26v No Issues and holding voltage with no noticeable self discharge.

All 36 Sony US18650v3 looked pristine, No Swelling, No Leaks, No Overheating. No Heating During Charge.

Overall these units are in Great order. All Switches, Fuel Gauges, Carry Cases and charging ports and locks look clean and in good working order.

Unit weight 2.65Kg.  200W – 500W Motors. Item Height: 340mm. only one set of keys for one battery set.

Due to the nice and easy configuration of the 36 x  2150mAh cells, these packs could easily be changed out and replaced with 46 x 3500mAh  cells and mounted in 24v, 36v, 48v configuration and up-to 1500W motors

For those of you creative project builders these battery units could be stacked 2 or 3 up on the rear mounting rack, disgarding two mounting racks, they already have a position for carrying extra kit on top of the 1st battery.


Here you will find all our used eBike, golf cart, mobile power packs that we have selected as suitable for spare parts and used for rebuilds, repairs and new projects by our D.I.Y. groups of project builders, hobbyists, solar creators and clients alike.

You should find all the hard to get stuff that is out of production from golf cart battery cases, mobile battery cases, even some underwater battery packs, racks, cases, complete cases ready to be reworked, plugs, sockets, switches, BMS, locks, clips. Fuel gauges, etc

If you are lucky some batteries may be ready to go.


We do NOT capacity test these batteries we simply run a Multi meter over them and report accordingly. What you see is what you get, so please check carefully that what you choose will fit your needs, Please don’t ask us to strip out any one particular part as time is something we don’t have, if you need more info on the item, drop us a line at customercare@lithiumguys.com or call 0411 166 049. Happy Hunting Re-cycler’s…


These battery packs are used, untested, sold for the, cells and BMS value only. For the use of the Solar/DIY/Hobbyist/Power Wall enthusiast project builder and intended to be stripped out and tested by the end user. Then used to support the power pack builds of the users choise. These packs generally contain  mostly run 18650 Cells, unless other wise stated. If you are willing to put in the work, your costs of batteries that are salvaged from these packs is ridiculously low. If you salvage the wires, BMS, and PCB circuits, cases, locks, switches, fuel guages and cells from them you will likely recoup most of your costs of these batteries. There is even a market for the empty cases.

We do our best to sort out any swollen bad packs so it is likely that most of these cells will take a charge and cycle just fine. Our shipping calculater is designed to take into consideration weight and carton size with a max weight of 25Kg, however due to size and shape of the power packs the max number of packs is limited by weight, all this has been added into our NEW calculater and New shipping contracts negotiated to give you the best possible Shipping price to your destination.

We do everything we can to supply you what you ask for but we cant see inside the power packs so you may end up with an odd mis-match keep them to one side and we’ll fix it up with your next order. However nearly every time the cell is the same value just a different Brand mostly all grade “A”cells.

Manufacturers Data Sheets provide an excellent insight into the cells design capabilities and parameters and Google is a great tool to find them. Just look for the cell data on the cell wrapping and search accordingly. The images display an example of what the the power packs look like

The health of a battery is based on three fundamental attributes:

Capacity, the ability to store energy. Capacity is the leading health indicator of a battery Internal resistance, the ability to deliver current Self-discharge, indicator of the mechanical integrity When making these measurements you must consider type and accuracy of equipment used, as well as ambient and battery temperature. Our combined cell count over our range of products goes well beyond 76k refurbished cells. Free Local pickup is available. We will also combine postage with other items so as to reduce shipping costs. Due to the nature of our Lithium products we offer no guarantees as to their use by the end users skill set and do not warrant there end use in any way. We have loads of unlisted stock so if you need cells you dont see just ask!

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